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Eames Pond 2016 The Housatonic Near Stratford 2016 Leach Pond 2016 View from Spectacle Island 2016 Mumford River, Uxbridge 2016 Nemasket Street Bridge 2016 Nemoset River 2016 Nemasket River, Middleborough 2016 Bird Pond  2015 East River, Onset 2015 Three-Cornered Pond, Plymouth 2015 Boston, From Dorchester 2015 Griffn's Wharf 2015    

There was a Latino beach volleyball tournament going on at Revere Beach, complete with kiosks and a live radio broadcast. After about an hour I suddenly heard the following announcement (in English and Spanish):

“Come on down to the volleyball tournament, everyone! We’ve got food, we’ve got drinks, we’ve got prizes, we’ve got an artist…”

They had turned me into an attraction! I was tempted to see if I could extract some money for my services, but by the time I finished I was pretty sunburned and headed for home instead.

I had planned to go to Revere Beach a few weeks ago to do a little painting but there was some sand castle competition going on and I didnít feel like dealing with the predicted half a million visitors. So I went down to Aquarium and did this painting inrtead.    







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