About the Artist

Marc Clamage was born in 1956. He attended the Tyler School of Art and then Boston University for his MFA, with studies along the way at the Art Students’ League with David Leffel and the National Academy of Design with Harvey Dinnerstein. Mr. Clamage shows in galleries throughout the New England area. Mr. Clamage’s series of oil portraits, “Panhandlers of Harvard Square,” was featured in the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. Regarding his aproach, Mr. Clamage says:

"It seems to me that there are two kinds of artists: those who look within themselves for inspiration, and those who look outside themselves. I belong emphatically in the second group. I am not particularly interested in self-expression. I am much more interested in other-expression.

"I am a representationalist. I paint what I see, only what I see, only while I’m looking right at it. My goal as an artist is to experience reality first hand and then convey that experience as directly, as honestly and expressively as I can." The links below lead to Mr. Clamage's blog, his social media participation, a recent podcast, and of course, his manifesto.

Every artist needs a manifesto.




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