Fall Festival at Fulton Pond, 2019

I gave away portraits and passed the hat at this year's art festival in Mansfield. Did all right, too!




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      I need to do more dog portraits. This one was right on the money. Nicole
I gave her my standard spiel: "Put this somewhere the cat won't walk on it and don't touch it for three days." She said, "I know how to take care of an oil painting."     She was really pissed I made her take her sunglasses off. This was the pose he insisted on. One of the more appealing portraits from the series. Gotta love the hair!                 Very happy with this very fast, very unfinished oil portrait.     I asked this young lady to take off her sunglasses too. Her mom said, "She really can't." I said, "No problem!" and found that the more I looked at her, the more I could see her eyes through the tinted lenses           Quick baby portrait involving the entire extended family standing behind me and cooing to get his attention.  
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