2015 Staycation

Waah! No painting trip this year! Here's everything I painted outdoors this year, except for the garden paintings, which can be found under Intimate Landscapes. Next year...


2.75 Acres for Lease Commercially Zoned   6 Cloud Studies Apple Orchard, Early Spring

Bird Pond

Bolton Flats View of Boston from Dorchester   Buckwheat   East River, Onset Gillette Stadium Griffin's Wharf Moon Over Mansfield Newport Tower The Fens The Fens II Three-Cornered Pond  

This is the empty lot behind our house. If past experience is anything to go by, now that I've done the painting, something will be built here soon.




A charming little spot in Walpole.

I go back to this view in Harvard every few years.


In Sharon, near Ward's Berry Farm.

  Go to the Cityscapes page for more information on this painting.

The site of the Boston Tea Party.


This is either the site of an old mill in Newport or an astronomical observatory built by Indians and ancient aliens to determine when the stars would be right for the Great Old Ones to return.

I'm going with colonial mill.

    In Miles Standish State Forest, Plymouth, A.