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The Fens II

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                        AKA, the Boston Tea Party Museum.

Several years ago I did a small painting of Gillette Stadium, which I gave to a Patriots fan friend. The other day, September 4th to be precise,  I decided to stop off at the stadium and do another painting. As I was working a TV reporter with a cameraman came up and started to interview me. It took me a while to clue in to the fact that he was there to interview Patriots fans who were excited about the Brady decision. So I found myself saying things like, "Go Pats!" and "Free... uh... uh..." [him (in a whisper): "Tom Brady"] "Yeah! Free Tom Brady!" He asked me why I liked Gillette Stadium and I said, "It's actually kind of ugly, but it serves a purpose. It's sort of a temple to sport." "He said, "'Temple to sport'... hmmm, I like that... maybe I'll use that..." He said, "Can you put me in your painting?" and I said, "Sure!" He posed for about five minutes, I got him in (incidentally wrecking the painting) and I sent him an email with the pic. They didn't use it! Here are my 10 seconds of fame:

Me on TV



I went back a few days later and did this much better, larger, painting.     lI went to the MFA in Boston with my daughter Emalie and we cut through the Fens to go to a restaurant. I was so struck by the view that I went back twice to paint, frst this iconic view of the Prudential Tower, then fo the painting of the MFA to the right.